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DVD-9 Diaper Poop NEW 1:41:31 ISO: 4.87 Gb
A short description of 1 scene:
Sexy young asian schoolgirl Genine is inspected by an even sexier nurse. The nurse checks her all over, dresses her in a hospital gown and puts a diaper on her. Nurse Charlene feeds her and lets her play, and later in the day, the nurse changes GIPS diaper once again. After already having two diaper changes, Genine pees in her diaper, and the nurse changes her wet diaper one more time.

DVD-5 Solo Girls May 2016 1:21:37 ISO: 3.3 Gb
Softcore Asian Edition #5 - A short description of 1 scene:
A girl is getting ready for school, and one of the last item she puts on is a diaper.

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Movie Title » » Diaper Training May 2016
VIDEO Codec: H.264/MPEG-4
Frame size: 720 x 480 Aspect ratio: 16:9
Duration: 28:31 @ 6 Mbps

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A maid is caught peeing while wearing her panty's. She is then put through training, as it seems, she has always peed while wearing panty's . . . »»»

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Diapers Girl Pooping

May - A group of girls are out walking and filled up with an enema. Follow them as they piss and shit themselves.

Hot Diaper Girl

May - A man is feeding his diaper girl, plays with her and gives her a diaper change. She is so cute and so sexy as she plays and has dun in her diapers, regressing back to her childhood.

Japanese Woman In Diapers

May - A man picks up his adult baby girl after she enjoys a swing and the slippery slide at the park. Once at home she is happy to play the big adult baby girl for him.

Adult Baby Pooping

May - A girl in her pajamas gives herself an enema and soon enough she shits so much it comes all the way through her panty's and pj's.

Diaper Poop

May - A diaper girl keeps a visual diary of her daily diaper adventures. Today, she watches a video on her computer of a girl giving herself an enema and doing a big shit in her panty. She masturbates in her diaper while watching this girl shitting herself and she cums in her diaper.

Diaper Girl Pooping

May - A diaper girl keeps a visual diary of her daily diaper adventures. Today, she gives herself an enema and does a big shit in her panty making a huge mess everywhere.