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diaper video School Girls Who Wear Diapers #4 - 13:07 - 349 MB

A schoolgirl who suffers from incontinence goes to the doctor for treatment. The doctor hands her a adult diaper and asks her to go change into it and wear a diaper. Now diapered and wearing the diaper under her school uniform, the doctors asks her to lift her skirt up so he can see her wearing the diaper. Things heat up and they both have sex in a diaper.

    Download Diaper Video Title 'School Girls Who Wear Diapers #4'
diaper video School Girls Who Wear Diapers #3 - 04:04 - 100 MB

A schoolgirl wearing diapers goes to the toilets to change her diaper. After a diaper change and a diaper cover to keep everything dry is on, she goes off to study with her study partner. However her incontinence gets the better of her, peeing in her diapers she feels humiliated and runs away

    Download Diaper Video Title 'School Girls Who Wear Diapers #3'

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